Successful Dental Practice

Leverage Time and Resources in Your Dental Practice

You have invested time, energy, and resources in building a thriving dental practice. But if you are looking to the future of your practice, you are likely looking for ways to leverage your business. This desire to improve can be an all-consuming thought process where you try balancing everyday costs with building a future.

You may discover ways to improve, boost, and leverage your practice simultaneously. But how do you determine what actions to take? Leveraging your dental practice can be divided into two areas: Boosting your business and identifying your strengths.

Boosting Your Dental Practice

  1. Successful Dental PracticeSet Goals – Determine your goals, then set measurable goals. Have a realistic plan that you can check at specific intervals.
  2. Staff Training – You can’t move forward without training. Frequent training is not just about learning the newest methods and tools. It is also important that your front desk personnel are current on computer programs, apps, and other techniques for keeping patients happy. Investing in your entire team makes your practice more efficient and gives you leverage in case you wish to merge or expand your practice.
  3. Appointment Reminder System – Despite calendars and appointment cards, patients will still forget appointments. Be sure your practice has an effective appointment reminder system so your patients are more likely to remember dentist visits and be on time.
  4. Encourage bi-annual dental visits -Most dental insurance policies cover two visits a year. Be sure to encourage your patients to make the most of this benefit. It not only improves their dental health but also benefits your practice.
  5. Have an engaging, educational, and informative website and social media presence. Most new patients will check your practice out online and by talking to other patients. Be sure what they find will promote your practice.

Identify and Leverage Your Strengths

  • Successful Dental PracticeDefine your core values – Patient safety, comfort, and engagement are key components of a thriving practice and should be part of your core values. Identify what you are doing to make these things happen and capitalize on them.
  • Upgrade patient-facing solutions – Be intentional about clinical training, try new products, and offer new services. Look for ways to improve communication, workflow, office systems, and workflow so everyone wins.
  • Find the right people – Be deliberate in your hiring process. Select the best candidate(s) for the positions in your office. Having people especially suited for their tasks makes your office more efficient.

Leveraging your business can take time. However, achieving it more quickly happens when you team up with Progressive Dental Concepts. With PDC at your side, you can identify aspects of your office to improve while leveraging your practice to operate at its full potential. Better yet, you won’t have to do it alone. Progressive Dental Concepts has the knowledge, support staff, and backing you need to take your practice to the next level. Reach out to us today.

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