Advancing dentistry to improve lives.

Join Central Pennsylvania’s fastest growing dental group.

Advancing dentistry to save lives.

Join Central Pennsylvania’s fastest growing dental group.

Progressive Dental Concepts’ unique set-up provides the best of both worlds – the clinical autonomy and resources to build your best practice and the support to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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The PDC Advantage

PDC partner practices keep their own name and brand. We invest in your success with administrative and operational guidance that helps you provide superior patient care and grow financially.

  • Keep and build your “brand”
  • Maintain a community-based practice
  • Focus on patient experience with centralized systems
  • Optimize patient care
  • Offer staff resources
  • Preserve camaraderie within the practice
  • Grow the practice and expand service offerings
  • Access innovative technology
  • Maintain/improve patient relationships
  • Receive continuing education/training opportunities
  • Offer competitive employee benefit packages
  • Reduce practice overhead utilizing economies of scale
  • Maintain clinical autonomy
  • Retain an economic interest in your practice
  • Encourage and support excellent clinical care
  • Access great clinical products
  • Improve standard of care with clinical metrics
  • Access efficient lab partnerships
  • Support new dentists’ transition from school with peer mentoring
  • Provide solutions for emergency situations
  • Become better clinicians
  • Achieve the highest standard of care
  • Separate clinical care from non-clinical tasks
  • Offer continuing education for hygienists
  • Deliver excellent care

Success Stories

“Maintaining the brand I built for years influenced my decision to join Progressive Dental Concepts.”

“As a young dentist right out of school, I had an opportunity to invest in my dental practice without a significant financial burden.”

“Access to innovative technologies and efficient labs allows me to achieve the highest standard of care for my patients.”

“Being able to maintain an economic interest in my practice is unique in our industry.”

“My staff has greater opportunities to grow with a larger organization.”

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Dr. Saniya Setia honored nationally by the American Dental Association for excellence in clinical dentistry, leadership, and research.

PDC-Supported Practices

      Shared Purpose

      Our Shared Purpose

      Growing a team-oriented dental group who works together to deliver the best possible care to our patients, our community, and each other.

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